About APCD Council

The APCD Council has a multi-fold purpose:

  • To serve in an information sharing capacity for those states who have developed, or are developing, an all payer healthcare claims database.
  • To work across states to harmonize the rules governing data collection and data release so that researchers and others will have access within 2-5 years to a regional all payer dataset; the goal is for the dataset to be seamless across state lines in terms of being a longitudinal record based on the patient.
  • To provide a multi-state analysis platform for policy analysis for various branches of state government.
  • To provide a technical users group forum to end users of the databases.

Current activities are focused on several themes:

  • Harmonizing the data collection and data release rules across the multiple state databases
  • Development of a strategy for integrating Medicare data into the all payer databases
  • Sharing of reporting applications being developed by individual states
  • Policy analysis
  • Providing support to other states developing all payer databases